Tuesday night….

We stopped along I 10 exit 400 in Sonora, Texas. We had stopped here two years ago for lunch and the food was so good that we decided to revisit them for dinner. We were not disappointed. The Sutton County Steak House delivered the best Chicken Fried Steak we’ve ever had. The steaks are cut and breaded on site. Breading is light and not greasy. The pinto beans are also made from scratch each day or as my son in law says, “from first principals”. Love that expression!
So, it’s 8:00 pm and we are back in the central time zone. We are heading for the Flying J truck stop in San Antonio about 140 miles away. We’ll spend the night there. Diesel fuel is $3.89 gallon here. We’ve had a tail wind and are getting about 11 mpg. Our traveling lifestyle is expensive but worth it.
We had a note from our HFH friends in Spokane. They’ve been home almost two weeks and it’s cold and wet. We are glad we put it off a little longer but will turn north Monday. We need to get the camper in before the load limits go on the roads. Once we get home we’ll have six weeks to get everything unpacked from the FW and put away. Then get repacked and organized for our summer in Gustavus, Alaska. We’ll need to get as much as possible done on our kitchen remodel before we leave.

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