A Good Sports Weekend

The Wisconsin Badgers won.  The Milwaukee Brewers won and the Green Bay Packers won!  I have a happy camper living with me. 

We have five days left here in the Minocqua area before we become official full time RVer’s.  We have been living in the fiver for better than two months now and are enjoying it.  Some things we are missing like fresh veggies from the garden, canning and freezing, cutting firewood from the woods.  That one is Tom, not me.  I miss having a house and a dining room where we can entertain friends.  My little kitchen is quite well stocked in here and I can cook anything that I can cook at home.  There just isn’t room for a crowd. 

Everything in here has an assigned place and everything goes in to it’s place.  My sewing supplies are stocked in with enough projects to keep me busy for the winter.  I’ve also packed some knitting projects and yarn.  Rug hooking is a new skill that I want to learn this winter while we are hanging out in Florida and those supplies are packed.

The hummingbird feeder is washed and packed away, flower pots will soon be emptied and on Friday we head south.  The first stop will be in southeastern Wisconsin so we can see family and friends, visit our dentist and attend a 50th wedding anniversary party.  Then we are heading to the South Bend, IN area to visit more friends.  Some from our Habitat For Humanity builds and some from my Nintendo days.  We’ll drive back to Chicago that next Saturday for a good friends daughters wedding.  After that we are heading into Ohio to do a little site seeing in Holmes and Wayne Counties.  There are lots of Amish towns with all kinds of goodies.  Number One on my list is Trail Bologna and I get hungry just thinking about it.  Parents of a good friend live there and we hope to get a little visiting time with them as well.  We plan to hike or bike every day.  We plan on stopping at every National Park along our route so I can get my Passbook stamps.  We plan on just moseying (is that a word?) along and enjoying the journey and yes we’ll still be Badger, Brewer and Packer fans wherever we may be.

6 thoughts on “A Good Sports Weekend”

  1. My family went to the Brewer's game last night (Sat). One of my ovarian cancer groups had a section at the game. OMG, I'll bet there were as many Cub fans as Brewer fans! The walk to the car after the game was like a cattle drive. People were shoulder to shoulder and it was actually scary.

  2. It was a great weekend for sports in Wisconsin. I so enjoyed bumping into you at the quilt show in Madison. It's been many years and it was great to give you a big hug.

  3. Be sure to give me a shout when you are in my neck of the woods. I've got plenty of room for you to play in my sewing room. The Tampa Sewing Expo will be in Lakeland this year–without the traffic and parking hassles, maybe it would be more enjoyable.

  4. Good to hear what is going on with you. are you going to be in our area of Virginia anytime soon? We will be in NC the last two weeks in October for a Habitat Build.

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