Bar Harbor, Maine

We have been here a bit over a week now and have been pretty busy learning our jobs.  We haven’t done any real exploring yet but did catch these views on the way home from grocery shopping one evening.

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are on an island. 

This old cemetery is in the woods near us.

Saturday morning I baked cinnamon rolls.  It’s been so busy here that I haven;t been doing any baking.  I frosted them with my mom’s Browned Butter Icing.  They were delicious!

Saturday was an off day for us so Tom set up the fire ring and fired it up.  I have two little flower beds on this site.  One is filled with strawberries and the other I planted some chard’s, lettuce and spinach.  I hung a cherry tomato plant up in the topsy turvy planter.   I’m hoping that I can have a nice little salad garden this summer.

All and all things are looking good here for us.  We are enjoying the people we are working with.  It has been very busy trying to get the park ready for opening.  There are actually two campgrounds here.  One is on the water and the other is more wooded with out the ocean view.  We are set up at the wooded campground and will spend most of our working time over here.

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  1. watch out for frost up there in the north woods…i haven't put anything in our graden yet due to frost…are you as wet there as we aare here…rain in forecast all week…ugh…

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