Good Times With Family

We have been in Oak Creek since Saturday and it has been a fun packed week.  We started in Merrill with our great nieces graduation party, picked up my parents and headed to Oak Creek for my sisters 60th birthday party.  We have been getting together for meals and visiting and more meals and more visiting.  Our daughter flew in from Tampa along with two of our grands.  That brought on another round of visiting and good meals.  I think this may be a five pound vacation.

We have been playing Wizard most nights and we all enjoy this card game.  Our six year old great niece Olivia was bound and determined to learn the game.  So first thing this morning we had a game with Olivia and by golly she is pretty good. It brought back a lot of great memories of playing card games with my grandma as a child.  She would come from the farm in Minnesota for a visit bringing fresh eggs and all the news from our cousins.  In between visiting, meals and shopping we would play cards for hours.  We laughed, talked and made wonderful memories.  Now we are doing the same a generation or two later.

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