Knitting Projects

 I was going through some pictures and found some of my past knitting projects.  I remember knitting these things for some very special people in my life.  Andy wanted a zip up sweater that would be warm and comfortable.  I had him choose the pattern and color so that it would be a sweater that he would actually wear if I went through the time of knitting it.

Andy’s Sweater

The sweater was knit in a wool yarn.  A very nice and soft wool yarn.  A pricey wool yarn.  It was put into the washer by a well meaning friend and that was the end of that gorgeous sweater.  Next time it’s synthetic yarn for him.


The following four shawls were knit for my sisters one summer in Maine.  The yarns there are so great.  All of these were made from yarn from sheep raised in Maine.  The wool was processed. spun and dyed in Maine.  I picked the colors and patterns especially for each one and sewed a satin pouch for each to store her shawl in.  I loved doing them and hope they are loving using them.

Sister Shawl

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